Rate Structure

Total rates are broken into CPU cores Hours, GPU hours, and additional storage costs. CPU rates are based on a tiered structure (i.e. the first 1-500 CPU hours are charged at the highest rate while the next 500-3000 core hours of usage are charged at the next tiers lower cost rate and so on. The same logic applies to the GPU rates but note the differing thresholds. 

Hours/yr/group (k) Fee per CPU core hour
1-500 $0.013
500-3000 $0.007
3000- $0.005
Hours/yr/group (k) Fee per GPU hour
1-35 $0.184
35-165 $0.107
165- $0.069
Group Storage - 10TB initial allocation, up to 30TB available at no charge upon request from PI. 
$6.40/TB/Month additional beyond the free allocation.